Justice Defeated: Oscar Grant

I don’t have it in me to write anything very articulate about the recent verdict in the case of Oscar Grant’s death. But it’s haunting me, and it’s important to continue to express our outrage. A friend shared the following article with me, and we got into a conversation about the use of rage in situations like these; how can it be productive? When does rage intersect with grief, and at one point does one become the other? What does it mean when a life is grievable to some and not to others?*

More needs to be processed, more needs to be said, and, without question, more needs to be done. In the mean time, I hope you’ll read this article and consider with me these questions about affect in the face of defeat, and the backward-steps this verdict imposed in our struggle for justice.

“What the Nightly News Didn’t Show You About the Mehserle Verdict Protest”

*for a theoretical discussion of a grievable life, see Judith Butler’s Frame’s of War: What Makes Life Grievable?. Also see one of my mentor’s blogs on grief: http://trouble.room34.com/archives/category/writing-projects/grief-writing-projects


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