Amber Hollibaugh: working-class, femme extrodinaire

“Marxism hasn’t taken sexuality very seriously. It’s not only that feminism doesn’t take it very seriously, but most progressive movements have been very unprogressive about sexuality, and we’ve inherited that tradition. When we analyzed sexism, we found it hard to separate sex and pleasure from sexism, and didn’t realize until fairly recently how to use Marxist tools to help look at sexuality in a historical perspective. The Left shares responsibility for the vacuum in sexual theory that the feminist movement has need to fill. Sexuality has not been thought of as a central part of human life. It has even been thought to be frivolous. Or if the Left’s been sexually repressive. Lenin said, if women were not monogamous, that for the man it was like drinking out of someone else’s glass.”

-from “Talking Sex: A Conversation About Sexuality and Feminism” (1982).


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