hello readers,

i’m failing miserably at my promise to update with more frequent posts. i have some doozies worked up in my brain, but in the spirit of not waiting until i have time to write those, i want to share with you some of what’s been keeping me busy….

i moved into a new home with my partner, and i’m just overjoyed with the space and the life we’re sharing together! i am maybe most excited about the above mason jars full of all my beloved cooking grains, beans, gluten-free flours, and natural, un-refined sugars….don’t they just look lovely, all proudly displayed for everyone to see?

i’m also excited to finally have a dining room table again! entertaining and sharing food with friends is perhaps one of my most favourite things, because i believe that when we break (gluten-free, preferably) bread together, we can break barriers and open up spaces for love.

i am feeling especially romantic about this because i just flipped through one of my favorite books from my young, anarcha-punk days, and read this lovely passage from two traveler-punk ladies:

“…we are playing house here, but more than that we are playing home. we have transformed space and lived in it. we would do this anywhere. anywhere we go we will clean a little or a lot, make some food and make some magic, learn about love and revolution from whatever surrounds us. anywhere we go, we will make gardens with whatever seeds are available to us.” (p. 71)

love. ❤


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