Maybe This Time…

I’ve been wanting to write a post about disclosing my queer identity to my students for a long time. Visit the In Our Words blog to read more…..

“Maybe this time,” I thought to myself as I walked into the Media Literacy undergrad class I teach, “Maybe this will be the class that I come out to.”

Once again, it wasn’t. Once again, I didn’t. I’ve been teaching undergraduates since my first year of grad school, back in 2007. And in almost five years of teaching, I’ve never told a group of students that I was queer. And as a queer activist/academic, I’m consistently disappointed in myself.

I blame a lot of my closeted silence on the complexity of my queer identity. It is not as “simple” as saying that I’m a lesbian. And it’s not as simple as saying I’m bisexual. No, to talk about my queer identity, I’d have to explain beyond the safety of a category, and I’d actually have to talk about sex. I’d have to talk about desire. “I’m queer, I’m not bisexual. I’m turned on by masculinity, whether it’s a butch, a transman, or a cisgender man.”

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2 thoughts on “Maybe This Time…

  1. Can we talk about privilege soon over tea? That would make me happy. Also, I like to hear about your thoughts on this. So, thanks.

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