“First Time”: The Real Problem with Sex on Glee

Another In Our Words blog post! This time it’s about how all the hub-bub about the “First Time” episode on glee revolved around virginity-loss, but totally ignored the fact that two of the characters revealed or were shown as being victims of sexual violence. Totally effed! Read the beginning here, then visit the site for the rest of it.

“I want to talk about that “Glee” episode that everyone is talking about.  But not for the same reasons.

Most people buzzing about the November 8th episode titled “First Time” are doing so because it implied that Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine, two of the show’s main couples, lost their virginities. Some responses have lauded the show for its progressive approach to gay teenage sex—we actually get to see a fair amount of on-screen physical intimacy between Kurt and Blaine, albeit fully clothed – and others, like the Parents Television Source, were horrified.  After the episode, PTS stated, “Fox knows the show inherently attracts kids, celebrating teen sex constitutes gross recklessness.”  [1]

It probably comes as no surprise that I disagree that celebrating teenage sex is “gross recklessness.” As a sex-positive queer, I think making sure young people see representations of teenage sex is necessary. And although there were some overly moralistic “only have sex if you’re in love” kind of moments, I would still argue that the episode was groundbreaking, and that showing bedroom moments between two young men was a truly powerful and important television moment.

But there was gross recklessness being committed in other ways: the acceptance of sexual violence….”

Read more!


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