CeCe Update

I’ve written about CeCe McDonald on here before, so for now I just want to provide an update for those who are interested in helping support her during the trial.

-Trial begins April 30th, but official call for court support starts May 1st.

-If you don’t live near Minneapolis, you can support CeCe in numerous other ways. Visit this link to learn more: http://freececemcdonald.tumblr.com/post/22018071120/ceces-trial-starts-monday-april-30th-at-9am

Please consider doing something to stand against a racist, cissexist, classist system. Say no to a system that targets the most marginalized and oppressed populations for imprisonment. Say no to a system that seeks to deny citizenship to disenfranchised groups as a way to maintain power. Say no to a society that makes villains of victims, and heroes of oppressors.

And, to close, some relevant words from Angela Davis:

“Well, prisons create the assumption that those who are a threat to our safety and security are behind bars, but in actuality, the techniques of violence, the techniques of terror that are most dangerous, are the ones used within the system itself. And I would say that it’s not simply a question of racist repression. It’s also a question of gender repression. It’s also a question of repression of sexualities. You know, one of the — as I’ve been pointing out, one of the most interesting developments within the anti-prison movement looks at the way in which the prison itself serves as a gendering apparatus, looks at the violence inflicted on people who do not identify as male or female in the conventional sense, who identify as transgender or as gender-nonconforming, the violence that is inflicted on people who do not subscribe to compulsory heterosexuality, violence against lesbians, violence against gay men, so that you might say that the prison is this institution that is grounded, in so many ways, in violence.

And the violence of slavery, which we assume was abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment and afterwards, is very much at work within US prison institutions.”

(from an interview on Democracy Now)


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